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Backend Developer

BangkokFull-TimeProduct Team

Our main technology stacks

  • Angular 13
  • Node - Typescript
  • C#.NET, Swift, Kotlin, Java-Android
  • Serverless Technologies (AWS Lambda)
  • Mono-repository (nx.dev)
  • Kubernetes and AWS ECS
  • MongoDB, MsSQL, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, S3

How you’ll make an impact to the Accounting world?

  • Have an impact on how quality SaaS products are built for the new world customers who adopts the tools as their living breeding tool to do business.
  • The challenge to take on responsibilities, build functionality in an agile process, ship code in hours to make impact to real-time customers, and get direct feedback from them.
  • The opportunity to work with like-minded and dynamic teams.
  • The opportunity to develop on scalable infrastructure and varieties of technologies across different cloud platforms and programming languages.
  • Opportunity to deep-dive into a complex SASS platform with multiple applications and work on mono-repository work-flow like the way Google, Microsoft, and Facebook do.
  • Learn how to deliver to thousands of users in real-time without disrupting their usage.
  • Direct communication channel and town hall from the CTO's office hours

What skills you will be needing

  • 3+ years of full stack development experience.
  • You love engineering and solving hard problems.
  • Expert in Java or C# or Typescript.
  • Understands OOP and design pattern.
  • Hands on experience of MSSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch is a plus.
  • Experience with CI/CD & docker container infrastructure.
  • Good understanding and practice of git workflow management.
  • System design/architecture knowledge is a plus.
  • Prior experience in a platform with many users and or financial services is a plus.
  • The mindset of a hacker, to figure out things and self-learn.
  • A proactive and collaborative approach; you love working with people and people love working with you
  • You are able to write well-documented, clean code and explain it to your peers.
  • You are good at debugging the code and figuring out the issues.

What will you be doing?

  • Work as part of a squad developing SaaS platform using Agile methodology
  • Work in an independent squad to maintain, develop and engineer the product value stream you are responsible for
    • Developing new features
    • Enhancing and bug fixing the existing components assigned to your team according to team accountability
    • Live breed and deep dive into the current tech stack and business of your team to be efficient and think at scale
  • Work in a trunk-base development process to ensure high quality code and continuous shipment of the product with a rate of 4-10 deployments per week.
  • Work in a test automation driven culture where engineers are responsible to test their code while QA for their businesses
  • Brainstorm and finalize the engineering solution for new features and enhancement with the Lead Engineer of the team
  • Be at the front of engineering to fix customer problems, give ideas and take ideas
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