How to use Multi-Currencies function

To use the function, you can follow the instructions below.

*This feature is only available for Premium Plus Package

  1. Create documents 
  2. Select the currency and set the exchange rate
Exchange Rate
Set the exchange rate

3. The total amount will display in the currency you selected on the top right.

total amount

📌 In this version, the system will not automatically calculate the total amount.

4. The exchange rate will also display in the document when you print it out. (on the left of the paper)

Exchange rate

5. The foreign currency will display in document as well.

📌 The function is not available for partial payment.  
📌 The function is only available on the desktop.

Our application doesn’t support this feature for iOS and Android, but you can still preview and download the documents. 

Updated on February 25, 2021

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